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Personalize your digital identity

web3name is a unique, customizable name that represents your digital identity. Using your decentralized identifier (DID), you can claim and link a web3name to your addresses on KILT and across Polkadot, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon and more. You can also link your SocialKYC credentials with your web3name, adding extra layers of verification and trust.

With web3name, you can now replace a DID string like this:


with this:


Your web3name is yours forever and no one else can claim it (unless you later decide to give it up, returning it to the web3name universe). Searching a web3name on shows the associated DID and any information the owner has publicly linked to it. 

There are two ways to pay for your web3name  – with KILT Coins (around 0.02 KILT), or using the Checkout Service and paying via PayPal (€1.20 including VAT).

Before you start you need a Sporran wallet and a DID.

How-to Guide

Claim your web3name or look up existing names

w3n teaser image

The web3name service was built by BOTLabs GmbH, the initial developer of KILT Protocol.