Identity – DIDs

Your digital fingerprint

With KILT you can build your identity in a practical, secure way. Creating your decentralized identifier or “DID” is the first step.

A DID is a unique string of numbers and letters that works as your digital fingerprint. Recognized as an industry standard by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), DIDs look like this:  


Identity is built around your DID by adding credentials. These are digital certificates such as a diploma, passport, driver’s license or email address. A DID can be used for people, machines, services and anything that identities can be built on.

You choose how much of your identity you want to keep private and what you want to share. On KILT, you can also make parts of your identity public by linking multiple things to your DID, including:

  • A unique, easily-readable web3name
  • Any credentials you want to make public such as social media handles, GitHub accounts and email addresses. In machine identity, these credentials would be the static and dynamic properties of the device, such as certificates, rights, roles or capabilities.
  • Your addresses across the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems.

DIDs can also be used to sign any digital file – PDFs, audio, video, software – in a private way on your device using DIDsign.

All you need to start building your identity is a Sporran wallet and a DID, which requires the equivalent of around 2 KILT Coins or €4, depending on the payment method. Get your DID here

How-to Guides:




Link your credentials to your DID via GitHub