Protocol – Governance

Decentralization through community governance

A sophisticated system of governance allows KILT to run as a decentralized identity blockchain that can evolve and be self-sustainable, enhancing privacy on the internet for decades to come.

Any KILT Coin holder can submit a proposal, which then goes through a formal, transparent on-chain procedure. A proposal usually ends in a referendum that goes to community vote. KILT Coin holders can also vote on existing proposals and referenda.

Coins that are locked for staking can also be used to vote.

When a referendum on KILT is successful, the upgrade will be enacted by the blockchain after KILT’s enactment period of one day. Upgrades do not require a “fork” in the blockchain, as often found in older blockchain networks like Bitcoin. KILT upgrades can simply be carried out by changing the code on-chain, also known as a runtime upgrade.

Read more in the governance and voting blog posts or in the technical documentation under Participate.

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