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The gateway to your digital identity

The Sporran wallet is the starting point for building your digital identity with KILT.

Like a typical crypto wallet, Sporran displays KILT Coin balances and enables signing and sending KILT transactions. 

But Sporran also lets you:

  • Generate a decentralized identifier (DID) - a unique string of letters and numbers that forms the core of your digital identity.
  • Store personal credentials issued by SocialKYC (or other compatible services) that you control and share.
  • Sign digital documents in a private, decentralized way using DIDsign.
  • Link your web3name and account addresses (on KILT and across the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems) to your DID.

Sporran is a browser extension like Metamask. You can only access via desktop, not mobile.

Get your Sporran now on Google Chrome or Firefox and start building your digital identity today.

How-to Guide

The Sporran wallet was built by B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH, a subsidiary of BOTLabs GmbH.