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Prove control of your social media accounts

SocialKYC is an identity service that issues a credential after you prove control of your email address or social media accounts. 

SocialKYC asks you to complete a simple task related to the credential requested, such as confirming your email address or tweeting a specific message to prove this is your account. SocialKYC then issues the credential.

You can save this credential in your Sporran wallet and use it with digital services and signups, streamlining onboarding and minimizing data storage. 

SocialKYC does not store, share, or sell any of your data. Once the credential is issued, SocialKYC forgets about your data, in contrast to typical authentication processes on the web today.

Only a hash representing the validity of your credential – not the information itself – is anchored on the blockchain. 

Get your credentials via SocialKYC

How-to Guide

SocialKYC was built by BOTLabs GmbH, the initial developer of KILT Protocol.