• Blockchain Developer

    Leon is a Computer Science and Integrated Systems student at the Technical University of Berlin. He has previously worked as developer and technical consultant at multiple blockchain startups and is now part of the developer team at KILT. He is also Global Elite.

    Leon Wenzel
  • Blockchain Developer

    Dudley is a Full-stack developer with a background in Engineering. He is also a Game master.

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    Dudley Needham
  • Philosophical & Ethical Advisor

    Raphael is a student at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and holds a degree in philosophy. He is specialised in Social Cognition, Evolutionary Anthropology and Social Theory. Fascinated by KILT’s goals in the disembodied online world he has contributed to shaping the vision of KILT and creating the KILT white paper.

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    Raphael Flechtner
  • Project Manager Communications & Agile Processes

    Joana is an IT Project Manager and Certified KILT Integrator specialised in Scrum. She combines her academic background in Communication Sciences and Psychology with her professional experience as Scrum Master and Product Owner in numerous software projects. At KILT she is part of the Communications team and coaches the team in Agile Product Management frameworks.

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    Joana Papageorgiou
  • Product Owner and Research Lead

    Márton is a research scientist with experience in telecommunications, network science and neuroscience. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in computer science from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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    Márton Csernai
  • Team Assistant & Accountant

    Claudia is the team assistant of BOTLabs GmbH. Until 2008 she worked as an accountant in different enterprises. In our office she takes care of bookkeeping as well as drafting letters and contracts and managing appointments.

    Claudia Halm
  • Project Lead

    Ingo is the founder and CEO of BOTLabs, the company that develops KILT Protocol. The Computer Scientist founded his first IT Startup in 1995. As CTO of Hubert Burda Media he initiated the open-source CMS Thunder. Ingo is a founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) and the creative driving force and Project Lead of KILT Protocol.

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    Ingo Rübe
  • Product Owner and Technical Lead

    Timo is a Full Stack Developer, working in Blockchain Technology since 2016. He has a proven track record in Open Source development and was part of the Thunder Core Team ( Timo graduated in Computer Science at the Berlin University of Technology. He is also a biker.

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    Timo Welde
  • Blockchain Developer

    William is a Software Developer who works on the node and protocol level. He studied Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin, his hometown. Apart from coding, he enjoys the outdoors and playing Spikeball.

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    William Freudenberger
  • Legal Director

    Gustav is a lawyer with a strong IT law background and more than fifteen years of experience as a lawyer in corporate and legal firms. Since early 2017 he has been bridging his contract knowledge with blockchain technology, studied a bit of Computer Sciences, and is dedicated to solve legal challenges around Blockchain and KILT Protocol.

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    Gustav Hemmelmayr
  • UI/UX and Graphic Design Specialist

    Andreas is a UI/UX, Web and Graphic Designer with 20 years of work experience in design. He has worked in many important publishing and IT projects. He is a great Post-it artist and famous for his KrautzCats.

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    Andreas Krautzberger
  • Communications and Public Relations Manager

    Elisa was an International Business student at European University Viadrina. She is specialised in innovative marketing, informative and operative management and communication. At KILT she leads the communications and public relations operations.

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    Elisa Dratsdrummer
  • Vice President of Business Development

    Christine Mohan has 25 years of experience in software and digital media, working for startups and corporates including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Previously she was CMO of Web3 Foundation / Polkadot and co-founder of Civil Media, a blockchain syndication platform.

    Christine Mohan
  • Operations Director

    Matthias has twenty years of professional and leadership experience in developing and shipping digital services for the internet and media industry. Since the early days of the internet he has been managing the development of front end and back end internet services for high traffic and scalable products.

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    Matthias Möller
  • Blockchain Developer

    Albrecht is a developer who works on the node and protocol. He graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He enjoys adventurous cycling tours.

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    Albrecht Weiche
  • Leon Wenzel Blockchain Developer
  • Dudley Needham Blockchain Developer
  • Raphael Flechtner Philosophical & Ethical Advisor
  • Joana Papageorgiou Project Manager Communications & Agile Processes
  • Marton Csernai Research Lead
  • Claudia Halm Team Assistant & Accountant
  • Ingo Rübe Project Lead
  • Timo Welde Product Owner & Technical Lead
  • Gustav Hemmelmayr Legal Director
  • Andreas Krautzberger, UI/UX and Graphic Design
  • Elisa Dratsdrummer - Communications and Public Relations Assistant
  • Christine Mohan
  • Matthias Möller Operations Director
  • Albrecht Weiche