Developers – OpenDID

Decentralized logins made easy

OpenDID is an off-the-shelf open source software component for websites that can be used to implement a login with a KILT credential. 

The component is simple to install, allowing website owners to accept verifiable credentials from trusted providers to reduce storage and GDPR risks, be more efficient, and give their users self-sovereignty over their data.

OpenDID uses the OpenID-Connect flow and generates JWT (JSON Web) tokens – an open standard used to securely share information between two parties – using the user’s decentralized identifier (DID) and verifiable credentials.

The tokens can be used with any service that supports JWT tokens, acting as a bridge between the decentralized identity world and the centralized authentication world.

OpenDID has no license fees. 

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OpenDID was built by BOTLabs GmbH, the initial developer of KILT Protocol.