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Reusable KYC & KYB credentials

Increasingly, regulations require businesses or services to implement KYC or KYB (Know Your Customer / Business) processes. Typically, the user has to go through a lengthy process for each individual registration, then receives a credential that is not transferable.

In addition to being inefficient, this process means that private and personal data is submitted and stored across multiple platforms and databases, putting consumer data privacy at risk.

Building on their trusted reputation, Deloitte has transformed this process by issuing reusable KYC and KYB credentials using KILT blockchain technology. Once the user obtains their credential, they will be able to reuse it across multiple services, while retaining control over when and where to share their personal information.

Deloitte KYC / KYB credentials ‘Built on KILT’ will also be used in the groundbreaking KYX partnership initiated by Deloitte, driving innovation in the logistics industry.

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