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KILT infrastructure collaborations

The KILT team works with a number of tech integrators across the blockchain ecosystem to help keep the protocol running smoothly and provide useful services for the KILT Community.

For instance, KILT collators secure the chain by collecting transactions, building blocks of data, and holding the data of the KILT blockchain. KILT collators frequently in rotation include: Stakely, CodeNode, Franki Fresh, StakeBaby, Polkadotters, Martin and Pragma Ventures.

Additional key services are provided by:

Apillon – A Web3 development platform that simplifies the development and deployment of dapps in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Dwellir: Specializes in providing infrastructure for the decentralized web.

OnFinality: A leading infrastructure service for some of the largest projects on Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche and Ethereum.

Polkassembly: A unified platform to discuss and vote on governance proposals, motions and referandas.

Stake KILT: A website that lists all the active KILT collators, the minimum amount needed to back each collator, and their block success percentage.

Subscan: A high-precision Web3 explorer which can quickly support the Substrate ecological network.