Verifiable Credentials

Identity – Verifiable Credentials

Built on trust

Verifiable credentials are digital certificates issued by a trusted third party that prove aspects of your identity. These credentials remain with you in your Sporran wallet, and can be linked to your decentralized identifier (DID) to flesh out your identity. 

If the credential contains more than one datapoint, you decide how much of the information you share - for instance, your date of birth but not your address - in what’s known as selective disclosure.

You can also make your credential public by linking it to your DID. Anyone searching your DID or associated web3name on the w3n website will be able to see the credentials publicly linked with it. This adds an extra layer of verification, which is particularly useful for those offering on-chain services.

Or use SocialKYC to get credentials that prove you control your email address, GitHub, or various social media accounts.

Proof that the credential is valid is stored on the KILT blockchain as a hash, making the credential revocable. But the actual information in the credential is never stored.

How-to Guides:

web3name - a customizable name that represents the string of numbers and letters of an on-chain DID

SocialKYC - an identity verification service for proving your control of your social media accounts

Link credentials publicly to your DID via GitHub