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Sign and verify any digital file

DIDsign is a decentralized way to sign and add a timestamp to any digital file – PDFs, audio, video, software. 

First, save the signed file(s) and send via your preferred method (email, Telegram, WhatsApp). Then the recipient verifies the files on — no blockchain experience needed! Only the sender and recipient have access to the files; they are not stored anywhere else.

Several people can sign the same file separately and confirm it was signed. The file can then be checked against each signature, showing that each party signed the file in its original form.

Try it out now! All you need to get started is a Sporran wallet and a DID, which requires the equivalent of around 2 KILT Coins or €4, depending on the payment method. Get your DID here

Sign with DIDsign

How-to Guide

DIDsign was built by BOTLabs GmbH, the initial developer of KILT Protocol.