14.10.2021 Sub0 2021
25.10.2021 Medientage München


14.10.2021 Sub0 2021 Berlin (online)

William Freudenberger: Limited Delegated Proof of Stake for Parachains in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Sub0 2021


Medientage München München (online)

Ingo Rübe: Metaverse, Web 3 und NFTs: Was steckt hinter dem Hype – und was bedeutet das für Medien? (German)

Medientage München Panel

26.10.2021 DSRPTD Dubai 

Ingo Rübe: NFTs and DIDs: Digital Identity Use Cases in Blockchain



08.10.2021 Token2049 London

Ingo Rübe: DeFi Regulation and DEXs – Opportunity or Threat


28.09.2021 Twitter Spaces Berlin (online)

Christine Mohan: Interoperability in Polkadot with Polkadot, Moonbeam, Altair and Zeitgeist

Twitter Spaces

15.09.2021 DeFi Panel Berlin (online) 

Ingo Rübe: Innovation in Polkadot DeFi

DeFi Panel

01.09.2021 Polkaverse Panel Berlin (online) 

Christine Mohan: All things Polkadot Ecosystem

Polkaverse Panel

20.08.2021 / 5pm CEST AMA with Wolf of Markets Telegram 

Ingo Rübe: General information about KILT & the Ecosystem

AMA Telegram Channel

19.08.2021 / 5pm CEST AMA with PromoTeam Russia Telegram 

Ingo Rübe: General information about KILT & the Ecosystem

AMA Telegram Channel

03.08.2021 / 6pm CEST AMA with MoonBoots Capital Telegram 

Ingo Rübe: General information about KILT, Identity and socialKYC

AMA Telegram Channel

20.07.2021 / 4pm CEST AMA with Spectre Group Telegram 

Ingo Rübe: General information about KILT, Identity, Parachains and socialKYC

AMA Telegram Channel

12.07.2021 Vienna Digital Identity Event Vienna (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Digital Identity with KILT

Vienna Digital Identity Event

01.07.2021 BerChain Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Privacy Focused Parachains in the Polkadot Ecosystem and Privacy Use Cases with KILT

BerChain Event

Recording of the Webinar

17.06.2021 Polkadex x Fractal x KILT Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Decentralized KYC and SocialKYC

Polkadex x Fractal x KILT

17.06.2021 DeFi Summit 2021 Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Digital Identity & SocialKYC (presentation)

DeFi Summit

16.06.2021 DeFi Summit 2021 Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Digital Identity and Data Protection: New Models for KYC (panel)

DeFi Summit

09.06.2021 Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021 Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Panel debate: Data on the blockchain – how to achieve trusted consumer data sharing

Blockchain for EU Summit 

08.06.2021 Games & Esports Summit Dubai (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Blockchain and Games

Games & ESports Summit

01.06.2021 Substrate Seminar Berlin (Online)

Antonio Antonino: Decentralised Identifiers and KILT

Substrate Seminar

20.05.2021 Polkadot Decoded Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Prove your Identity & Protect Your Data With Social KYC

Polkadot Decoded

18.05.2021 BerChain: Webinar on Verifiable Credentials Berlin (Online)

Ingo Rübe: Verifiable Credentials 

BerChain Webinar


CBE Polska: Blockchain w Energetyce Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe: Blockchain in Energy

CBE Polska


Web3 Talks: Decentralized Identity Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe: DIDs and data privacy

Web3 Talks

15.10.2020 Sub0 Online Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe: Polimec: a fundraising mechanism for the Polkadot ecosystem

Sub0 Online

18.08.2020 BerChain Member Webinar Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe: Adapting your business in times of a crisis with KILT & Quorum Control

BerChain Member Webinar


04.06.2020 Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger: Akademie Webinar Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe & Georg Nold (Heise Medien): Die Blockchain als fairer Marktplatz für Fachverlage

VDZ Webinar 

21.05.2020 Venture Capital TV by LAToken Berlin (online)

Ingo Rübe: How can Fintech, Blockchain and crypto startups benefit from the pandemic situation?

Venture Capital TV

28.04.2020 Sub0 Online: The Substrate Developer Community Conference Berlin (online)

William Freudenberger: “Anonymous Credentials”

Sub0 Online Conference

28.03.2020 PolkaBase: Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly AMA Berlin

Ingo Rübe: “Verifiable Credentials for Web 3.0”

19.03.20 Parity & Friends: Substrate, KILT, Centrifuge Berlin

Albrecht Weiche & William Freudenberger: “Anonymous Credentials”

Parity & Friends meet-up


21. Bremer Verlagstreffen


Dr. Márton Csernai: “Monetisation of Trust with a Blockchain Protocol”


8th Online Print Symposium


Keynote by Ingo Rübe: “10 Jahre Blockchain: Wo bleiben die Anwendungen?”


26.02.20 Bitkom AK Blockchain – Decentralized & Self Sovereign Identity Frankfurt

Ingo Rübe: “IPFS, DID, Verifiable Credentials: Wie neue Standards das neue Jahrzehnt prägen werden.”

Bitkom AK Blockchain

29.01.20 BerChain Blockchain Brunch Berlin

Ingo Rübe/Panel: Blockchain use cases in the public administration



Digital Food Business Week

Ingo Rübe: “Credentials for Web 3.0”
In cooperation with DLG

Demokratie und Digitale Desinformation

Discussion group by the Internet Economy Foundation with Clark Parsons (Managing Director), Bundespräsident a.D. Christian Wulff, Nadine Schön MdB, Dieter Janecek MdB and Ingo Rübe (Project Lead KILT Protocol)



Block­chain nach dem Hype – kon­kre­te Anwen­dun­gen


Matthias Möller: “Firmenabos auf dem KILT Protocol”



Blockchain-Dialog des Wirtschaftsministeriums Baden-Württemberg


VDZ Digitial Innovation Tour Berlin

31.10.19 Decentralized Athens

Ingo Rübe: “DAOs and TCRs – New Blockchain-based Business Models”

Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Token Curated Registries (TCRs) invite us to re-think current organisational structures. Blockchain Technology will enable us to establish completely virtual companies and to work with self-owned assets. Combined with Artificial Intelligence this is an extremely powerful technology. Regulators have started to become excited and investors should do so, too.


29.10.19 San Francisco Blockchain Week – Parity Tech. Side Event San Francisco

Nick de la Forge et al: “Enterprise and the Path Forward for Blockchain Interoperability” (Panel)

San Francisco Blockchain Week

22.10.19 DLD Singapore Singapore

KILT evening event with Ingo Rübe: “Cocktails, Web 3, and new business & investment opportunities”


20.10.19 Diffusion Berlin

Maud Nalpas: “Decentralised Identifiers: a practical primer”

Decentralised identifiers (DIDs) are a building block of decentralised identity – and they’re not just an idea. Discover how you can implement your own interoperable DID system and empower your users to control their digital data.


15.10.19 CC Forum London

Ingo Rübe/Panel: “How will Blockchain, AI and IoT converge in the next decade?”


02.10.19 Business Insider Trends Festival Warsaw

Ingo Rübe: “Decentralised trust market for the internet”


19.09.19 Finance 3.0 – Creating an Open Financial Ecosystem Berlin

Ingo Rübe: “Workshop 2 on Identity Solutions”


17.09.19 Blockchain Meetup Saxony #32 Mittweida

Dr. Márton Csernai: “Blockchain-based data sovereignty and the road to DAOs with KILT Protocol”


16.09.19 International Blockchain Week Shanghai

Simon Schwerin, Nick de la Forge: KILT Demo


21.08.19 Boat ride to centre: Collaboration in Web 3.0 Berlin
20.08.19 Web3 Summit Berlin
18.08.19 DOTCon Berlin
30.07.19 Crypto 2.0 & Cross-Chain Technologies: Investments to Mainstream Blockchain Berlin

Nick de la Forge: “KILT: Restoring trust through self-sovereign data and interoperability”


29.07.19 Polkadot x KILT Protocol Keynotes Singapore

Ingo Rübe and Gavin Wood hosted a meetup at Ethereum Singapore! Topics were Data Interoperability and how KILT, that uses Parity Substrate to build a Trust Market, will fit into the Polkadot ecosystem.


25.07.19 Workshop: Blockchain in der Verwaltung München

Ingo Rübe: “Was sind funktionierende Blockchain Use Cases in der Verwaltung?”


17.07.19 Medientage München München

„Hello Blockchain – bye-bye Plattformen!?“. A talk by Simon Schwerin, Business & Investor Relations KILT Protocol, about the potential of Blockchain to replace media and marketing platforms.


02.07.19 „App Development on KILT Protocol“ @TOA Satellites Berlin

In the first part of this Satellite event the KILT team gave an introduction to the KILT protocol with a focus on the general concept, the KILT architecture and the KILT SDK. In the second part the participants had the opportunity to build applications on top of the KILT Protocol by using the KILT SDK.


26.06.19 Swiss IT Leadership Forum Saint-Paul de Vence swiss-it-leadership-forum.ch/programm
Swiss Blockchain Hackathon Zurich hackathon.trustsquare.ch
18.-19.06.19 Dubai Global Blockchain Conference Dubai  
Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse Berlin kongress.deutsche-fachpresse.de
18.05.19 LongHash CryptoCon Vol. 2 – The Hash Talk Berlin


14.05.19 KILT Launch Event Berlin

Our Event for the Launch of the KILT Mash-Net at Motion.Lab Berlin

Sub0 Berlin Dr. Márton Csernai presented KILT Protocol at the Sub0: Substrate Developer conference organised by Parity.
He gave an overview of the KILT Protocol providing insights into Revocable Credentials, Hierarchical Trust, the Standardization of Claim Types and the underlying Architecture of KILT.