KILT – about us. BOTLabs GmbH in Berlin is the company behind KILT Protocol. Foundes by Ingo Rübe and Hubert Burda Media

About us

KILT – about us

KILT Protocol is developed by BOTLabs GmbH, which was founded by Ingo Rübe and the German publishing house Hubert Burda Media in Berlin, January 2018.

How KILT works

KILT enables the user to describe and attest any kind of characteristics of persons, organisations and even objects in a standardised way. This makes KILT a system for self-sovereign data.

KILT White Paper

The White Paper details the features and goals of the KILT Protocol. We explain the concept of a trust market economy and discuss the technical details of CTYPES, revocable Credentials, KILT Coins, Quotes, the features of our SDK, and much more.




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