The KILT Coin is planned to be an essential part of the KILT Protocol. When the Main Net goes live, KILT Coins could be used for transaction fees and other network-related tasks. Please consult the latest KILT White Paper for more details.

Can I already buy KILT Coins?

At this point of time – the Mash Net phase – there is no public sale.

For sales before the go live, potential purchasers will neither be able to trade KILT Coins freely nor use them for other network-related tasks within the KILT Network. Also, there will still be all kinds of risks that could prevent KILT Protocol from ever being finished or successful or the KILT Coins from ever being of any use or value.

If you are looking for Mash Coins – the tokens used to play in the Mash Net – you may get them for free from our Faucet.

Please note

KILT Coins may not be purchased by citizens or entities of the United States of America or the People’s Republic of China.


If you are interested in contributing in KILT’s development or if you are interested in tailor made offers around the KILT Protocol please send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you.