Ecosystem – Moonsama

Faster gaming logins with KILT's SocialKYC


Moonsama is a vibrant ecosystem built around NFTs, games and interactive metaverses using blockchain and other innovative technologies.

The Moonsama community plays Carnage together for two hours every Sunday. Bridging to the game is handled using Microsoft. Sometimes this led to users getting an error message when trying to bridge items into the game.

When that happened before the game was due to start, some users missed the game for that week.

To solve this problem Moonsama integrated KILT's SocialKYC verification service, allowing users to log in with their email credential instead of logging in with email.

This credential can be obtained for free then stored in the user's wallet on their device and used across all the Moonsama games and metaverses.

Learn more about the partnership here.