The KILT Demo Client is a sample credential and token wallet application that showcases all features of KILT Protocol.

The software was designed to let users easily track the steps in the claiming-attestation-verification process, as well as the processes related to creating and managing complex trust structures. There are many steps which could be automated in future third-party clients, e.g., importing a credential into the wallet.

The client software is open source, so application developers can look under the hood and use the client as a starting point in their own client development process. They can take it apart and use components they need for their use case as well as modify the software.

The client is also a good tool for business-oriented users or product designers who want to try out business ideas or use cases using KILT Protocol.

The KILT Demo Client Walkthrough document (PDF-Download) shows new users how the different features of KILT Protocol work by walking through simple example use cases in the client.

The KILT Demo Client is hosted under By following the link, the client will open in your browser. Importantly, all client-related data (credentials, identity keys, etc.) are stored on the local storage of your browser. Note that currently the client only works in Google Chrome browsers.